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Livorno Photo Meeting 2023

The second edition of the “Livorno Photo Meeting” will take place in the suggestive neighborhood of “La Venezia”, 50 meters from the Fortezza Nuova.
The event where street photography, and not only that, will be the protagonist among exhibitions, guests, debates and photowalk. We will talk about street photography, photographic publishing and more, with the desire, passion and pleasure of spending a weekend together in our welcoming city.
We look forward to seeing you in Tuscany on 17-18-19 November 2023.

Winners of the LPM 2023 contest

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Siamo lieti di presentarvi il programma ufficiale del LPM2023. Vi aspettiamo! Scarica il programma   We are pleased to present the official program of LPM2023. We are waiting for you! Download the program
MEET Valeria Sacchetti

MEET Valeria Sacchetti

18 Novembre 2023, dalle 17 alle 18.15 @Thisintegra, Via Ganucci 3, Livorno   “JOURNEY TO THE LOWLANDS” Presentazione del libro “Journey to the Lowlands – fra la via Emilia e il West”   Un incontro con la fotografa Valeria Sacchetti. 18 November 2023, from 17 to 18.15 @Thisintegra, Via Ganucci 3, Livorno   “JOURNEY TO THE LOWLANDS” Presentation of the book “Journey to the Lowlands – fra la via Emilia…
MEET Bardone-Faralli

MEET Bardone-Faralli

19 Novembre 2023, dalle 11.30 alle 12.30 @Thisintegra, Via Ganucci 3, Livorno   “MILANO, LA TRIBÙ DELLA MODA” Fotografare alla fashion week   Un incontro con i fotografi Diego Bardone e Massimiliano Faralli. 19 November 2023, from 11.30 to 12.30 @Thisintegra, Via Ganucci 3, Livorno   “MILAN, THE TRIBE OF FASHION” Photographing at the fashion week   A meeting with the photographers Diego Bardone and Massimiliano Faralli.